About Paulat Parkett - This is us, our little family


It's not really that simple. Just going to anyone and buying a new wooden floor can be really expensive and could result in a lot of trouble. So, please go straight to a professional. Paulat Parkett - the parquet flooring company - has been a symbol of traditional craftsmanship, an experienced team and the highest level of care in the implementation of your individual wishes - and that since 1999. The Paulat Parkett team is waiting for you and would like to enrich your home with premium wooden floors that will bring you joy day after day - for a lifetime. No matter which parquet wood flooring you will choose. You are always at the right address with Paulat Parkett - the parquet flooring company. There is no such thing as "a shoddy bookcase" with us. Our magic words are quality instead of quantity.


Traditional values 2.0 of Paulat Parkett

Our head office is in Kelkheim (Taunus), Germany and we also have an office on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca - we are represented there in the "Circle"! Due to the increasing significance of our craftmanship, we are still expanding our organisation. That's why we are also recruiting on a regular basis and we are offering apprenticeships, every year. We, at Paulat Parkett - the parquet flooring company, offer you "old-fashioned", traditional values, but then 2.0 - combined with trend-setting know-how!

It is extremely important to us to pass on our expertise and the love we have for our craft. We are also damn proud that already 16 apprenticeships have been completed since our company was founded - and always with loads of fun at work. Our slogan is: a good floor is a good foundation, just like the right (working) family is a solid base for the future. With us, the word FAMILY is written in capital letters, because it stands for:

F - Feel good work & life balance

A – Always stand by your side

M - Magical moments

I - Inspiring work

L - Learning from the professionals

Y - YES, we can!


We are a team that is always working to grow together, support each other and bring our customers' individual visions to life. We, the Paulat Parkett family, are always 100% behind our team and are willing to financially support them in a fair manner. We are against wage dumping and refuse to differentiate between profit and social responsibility. Good work deserves good money.

The doors at Paulat Parkett - the parquet flooring company - are always wide open for you. Your future with us starts today and here! What are you waiting for? What do you have to lose - except your future!


The dying of the forests and deforestation are two of the biggest environmental problems of our time. With our actions, we want to do something to prevent this. Our actions are based on the fundamental belief that it is better to use renewable raw materials. For our parquet floors and other floor coverings, we only work with high-quality woods that come from our local forests. We focus on a short transport route, and on an ecological and environmentally friendly production process. This is how we lay the foundation for our sustainably made parquet floors (natural wood flooring). Because nature is the most beautiful gift!


“The best friend on earth of man is the tree. When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on the earth."
(Frank Lloyd Wright)


Memberships of us: the craft association in Gießen, the Chamber of Crafts in Frankfurt-Rhein-Main and the National Guild in Hessen

We are a member of the District craft association in Gießen, the Chamber of Crafts in Frankfurt-Rhein-Main and the National Guild in Hessen Parkett- und Fußbodentechnik.