Partners of Paulat Parkett

Nothing beats to have the right partners - in business as well as in life. Good business partners quickly realise that people and nature are more important than dollar signs. Thankfully,  we have already found our strong "Partners in Crime", and from this our customers also benefit. The slogan for Paulat Parkett the parquet flooring company & Co is: classy instead of messy.

Fine companies that think and work the same way we do:

Biehrer - 100 % Made in Germany

For more than 50 years, the Biehrer family business has been working with loads of love for details, and wood is processed here with above average know-how. As a result, Biehrer has become one of the world's leading specialists for high-quality multilayer wood flooring and large English cottage flooring (country house flooring). The combination of all this with stair coverings and built-in furnitures, all made of the same material, totally completes the package - it's simply amazing! Very long and wide planks are Biehrer's speciality. Anyone who ever stood in a room with floor planks as long as a room itself will be forever enchanted by it. At Biehrer, wood literally comes to life. The natural growth, elegance and uniqueness of the wood are carefully transformed into a new form. The entire production process takes place exclusively in Sexau - Black Forest. Strict certification guidelines, the highest quality standards and the latest manufacturing processes, combined with skilled craftsmanship, are the guarantees for an exclusive, individual and high-quality wooden floor in a class of its own - for generations to come. In our opinion: probably the best floorboard in the world...


Di Legno - be amazed by authentic aged wood floors

Di Legno stands for authentic, characterful and unique wooden parquet floors. Di Legno wood is indistinguishable from centuries-old parquet floors of old castles and manor houses! Sometimes even experts can't believe it. Di Legno creates rustic, unique wood floors with a used look following the rules of art, nature and the laws of wood - which is why many architects regularly come knocking at Di Legno's door. It all starts with the choice of wood, because from Di Legno we get 100% European quality. We are not willing to go for anything less. We deliberately choose Di Legno and the power of the European oak - the only type of wood that meets our high standards. The mystical oak is the symbol for freedom, pride, power and strength! Warmth, cosiness and the feeling of being home begins with the floor! Don't buy a copy. Di Legno is the original.

Herter & Herter Espressivo - over 50 years experience

Parquet is the perfect example for sustainability and naturalness. The magic word here is individuality. As every room has its own character, so does wood. To do justice to this special individuality, you need a parquet floor that is manufactured with total passion and devotion. Being a traditional family business, Herter has been placing emphasis on "Made in Germany" - and that for over 50 years. The product selection of Herter includes classic parquet flooring, country house floorboards de luxe and modern "Bauhaus" style. Discover here a completely new world of wood flooring with more than 20 wood types, 15 colour shades and various surface structures such as sanded, brushed, sawed, bevelled, air-dried, and 3D structure - until now you didn't know how unique a normal floor can be. Being aware of the environment and the ecology! Not against, but with nature.

PANDOMO® - monolitisch, kreativ, minimalistisch

This company transforms the colours, shapes and functions of nature into something extraordinary and in an unrepeatable way. PANDOMO® is a brand of ARDEX, one of the world market leaders for high-quality special construction chemicals. Since 1999, PANDOMO® has inspired not only architects, but also a multitude of your ideas - no matter if you need a floor, a wall or a ceiling. Regardless of whether it should be elegant, classic or something completely different. What counts is your idea and the PANDOMO® floor and wall systems - it is pure madness how many design options there are! The wide range of surface designs offers the perfect solution for every requirement and leaves absolutely no wishes unfulfilled. The sky is the limit and your own imagination!

The large assortment of PANDOMO® products offers the perfect solution for every dream

Treppenbau Schmidt - stairs for life!

<p">Stairs are eye-catchers and design elements at the same time. Stairs are the foundation of our 4 walls, because they lead and connect us - with rooms, with floors, with offices and so on. For this very reason, everyone should trust in a know-how of more than 20 years when choosing a new staircase. That is exactly what we find with our strong partner: Treppenbau Schmidt. It all began in 1996 in the traditional Schmidt joinery in Pottum. Thanks to professional craftsmanship, modern computer technology and high quality standards, this company has developed into the place to go when it comes to premium staircases. Stairways for life, that's what they are! This meaningful slogan of the Treppenbau Schmidt GmbH stands for a high-quality and wide range of different staircase solutions - for new buildings as well as for the renovation of old buildings. Get your own stairway to heaven!